Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Choose Your Island

There are lots of reasons people travel to the Caribbean. Some like to frequent the casinos made available in select countries; some like to partake in the all-inclusive pampering offered at various resorts; some like to party like a rock star until daybreak; some like to build their skills are various water activities.

So why do we travel to the Caribbean? We like limin' (a.k.a. resting and relaxing on island time).

The Caribbean offers something for everyone mentioned above, and most all of the others too. The culture and environment, whether native or introduced, varies widely across the island chain. It is difficult to find someone who cannot enjoy a holiday at one of the islands across the region.

To make an initial assessment of the variety offered throughout the Caribbean, we suggest that you spend some time reading an informative periodical, such as "Caribbean Travel and Life" or "Islands" magazine. These magazines do a great job of introducing the reader to many different aspects of various islands. From there, the reader can narrow down their list of potential destinations.