Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 9 (Sunday)

After more than a week of active days, the whole family was a bit wore out and we decided to enjoy this Sunday as a day of rest. I spent my usual early morning admiring the scene from the veranda. I found the WiFi signal from Hotel Laurena to check email and the news. I though it was important to catch-up on the current path of Hurricane Bertha. Although it was a bit early to tell with certainty, it looked like the storm was setting a course directly for Bermuda and would not affect our travel back to the States. Laura and I talked about the impact the storm could have on an island like Bermuda, and said a prayer that the people living there would be spared from any serious trouble.

Mike Hatch phoned and he mentioned that he and his son, Paul, would be sailing the Cynara to the Paradise Beach bay to work on moorings they had placed near the villa several years ago. By mid-morning, the wind had picked up a bit and there was a small chop to the water. We watched the men for a while and were impressed at how well they were able to work off the boat deck, the dinghy and in the water as the small waves kept everything inconveniently in-motion.

With election day quickly approaching, the local radio stations were broadcasting little except for campaign speeches and commentary. Since the three-island nation of Grenada is not densely populated (~100,000 people), the two political parties seem to often pit brother against brother. We were not surprised to learn that the two opposing representatives from Carriacou were, in fact, cousins. However, one must remember that just about everyone on the small island of Carriacou can probably rightfully claim to be related!

Being the weekend, the only noise to break the silence this morning was the distant sound of crowing roosters and barking dogs. Our children have always been quick to spot the various dogs and cats living on Carriacou. On our last visit they were introduced to a dog named ‘Shadow’. Shadow looked like just about every other dog on Carriacou and it was difficult to tell him apart from the others. Most of the dogs we have seen are a mongrel mix, mid-sized (18 to 24 inches at the shoulder), short-haired and tan in color. There are exceptions, but this description seems to fit most of the dogs on the island. The joke amongst our family was to name every other dog we spotted some form of the name Shadow, since they were all obviously related. We even resorted to numbering them; Shadow Number 236, Shadow Number 237, etc.

Fortunately, the slight wind and waves did not affect the sunshine, and the family enjoyed an afternoon and evening of pure relaxation. Cool beverages, a wonderful dinner of leftovers from the Roundhouse Restaurant and fun and games with the children, all placed in an idyllic Caribbean setting; we could not ask for anything more.